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Western Australia - Climate

Cities and Resorts in Western Australia:

Perth | Albany | Broome | Bunbury | Busselton | Cable Beach | Esperance | Fremantle | Geraldton | Gnaradup | Kununurra | Mandurah | Rottnest | Yallingup

Western Australia has various climate zones. In the north the climate is tropical and the wet season there (from December to March) is monsoonal. In the south the climate is Mediterranean with hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters. The rainfall in the coastal line is heavier than the one in the inner lands. Also the temperature changes more dramatically in the inland, where there are mainly deserts. There it is extremely hot during the day and very cold through the night. The average temperatures in the summer are between 15 and 31 ºC and in the winter between 9 and 18 ºC.


Average Temperature (C)



Summer (Dec/Feb)

Autumn (Mar/May)

Winter (Jun/Aug)

Spring (Sept/Nov)









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