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Bunbury Tourist Information, Travel Guide & Tours

Enjoying various facilities in a city will be good in case of going to Western Australia. Bunbury is the place that provides this amazing facility. This is also a port city of Western Australia. It is the third largest and also one of the beautiful cities of this part of Australia. It is situates after Perth (Australia), when calculates it is somewhat 170 kilometers south of Perth. Perth is recognized as the central business district of Australia. From this city, the port services an important facility for farming and also to timber industries that are present there and that are to be came up. In this place there is an extensive railway network which supports the way for the ongoing imports and exports to this place and also to the Western part of the country.


This place has been witnessed for the birth of the famous explorer and first premier of Australia John Forrest. Bunbury has a wide variety of port facilities which make most of the import and export of goods easier. As it is a port city the countries also make use of this advantage as it will give more and more amount of imports and exports to this place. Bunbury is situated on the mouth of a river named Collie River at the southern part of the country. This place is very well known for its best restaurant i.e. the Cappuccino Strip. This restaurant has been the most famous one in this place which most of the people visit. This place also has many café. Over thousands of years ago, this place was subjected for the lava flows that resulted in a rock formation. The rock formed was a unique basalt rock. Also, there is a presence of many hills of high heights.
Bunbury has a population of almost 52,000 people and also this city is one of the fastest growing cities of Australia. There is a huge wine region in this place in the South West and also there is a huge quantity of coal formed found in here. There are wide varieties of attractions in this place with a beautiful dolphin discovery centre and where dolphins are trained to do many tricks to entertain the tourists or those people gathered around that place. In the future the city has been planning to introduce a new Formula Nippon which is a motor racing circuit that will result in getting more profit. In this place there are indoor skate centre, pin bowling, cinema theatre. There are also small indoor pools located in this big city. It has got many aquatic and inland fitness centres which will influences greatly to the Australian Soil. In this place there are many schools, of these 9 are secondary which is located in the centre of the city and also a University that give children higher education and also extra high influenced ideas to work for their future.
In all cases of Australian economic development Bunbury plays an important role. Not only in its development through money but also to all strategies of a human life.

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