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Cable Beach Tourist Information, Travel Guide & Tours

In Australia, there is a very beautiful beach that attracts the tourist with most of its beauty. The Cable Beach is the one that attracts the tourist with its nature beauty and also the beauty of the widespread sea all around. This place is located about 7 km from the town, which a tourist has to travel through a bituminous rock to reach this beach. The beach is almost 22km in length with its beautiful white color sand all over the shore and also the tides wash this sand. These tides can reach almost nine meters to the sea shore. The water in this sea is having blue color clear water which is so attractive to most of the tourist. There will be jellyfish all over the water during the month of November to March. It is so attractive to see as they are all over the place. Sometimes, there have been seen crocodiles too. Many of the tourists have reported this find. There are facilities to drive through the shore as there is four wheel drive and other vehicles that run through sands. These provide a thrilling feeling to the tourist. These vehicles are being given by the car park shop, where there are many vehicles available to do this. By doing this vehicle facility the tourists can explore the sea and also search for things around the shore in a flash. From all the beaches around Australia, this beach is recognized as the most nudist one of all. There are parks here for both kiddies and also to older ones.


Minyirr Park is one of the famous park presented in east of this beach. This park provides various facilities to all, as there are many sorts of animals and also playing sites for all ages of people.  This beach has been now recognized as one of the most stunning beaches ever exists in the world. This is due to the widespread white sand all over and also by the types of facilities been exist. This place provides a perfect location for visiting during a tour with their families and also with friends. There many varieties of sport items available in this place. There are camel rides during sunset times and it is the most commonly used up by the tourist. There is also a reserve which gives children their chance to play with others and enjoy themselves. Here there is also an opportunity for those in here to relax after playing. There are also a wide range of cultural activities that are made by the authorities that attract the tourists so much. There are also many restaurants nearby that give proper facilities for a human beings needs. The beauty of the beach can be looked or loved by looking from the restaurants nearby with having a dinner or lunch. There are numerous facilities available near to this beach. These are proper accommodation, Telephone, beauty of nature and so on.
Cable Beach provides the best way to visit during a holiday with suitable facilities to live on. This is being noted on the list of the best beaches in the world.

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