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Yallingup Tourist Information, Travel Guide & Tours

Yallingup is actually a beachside town in the Margaret River region of the Western Australia. It is characterised by beautiful restaurants, hotels, motels and accommodation facilities which attract many people from around the world. Many attraction sites are available and thousands of tourists visit the town and enjoy themselves. The town has also grown big simply because the money got from the tourist industry is actually ploughed back to renovate the town and its attraction sites. Development and progress is the key in Yallingup town and it is likely to expand to a big city in a near future.


Travelling to Yallingup is very easy since you can use a car. Many people especially visitors rent a car from Perth or Margaret River. It should be noted that there are also Winery tours that one can book that will pick you up and take you to enjoy a few wineries and get you back to where they picked you. There are many places for accommodation in this town. These places are fully booked during the school holidays and also over the long weekends and thus you have to book in advance so as to secure yourself a chance. Attractions are the majority in this town. First, we have the Sugarloaf Rock which is an impressive rock formation that actually dominates the coastline and is a short scenic drive from Yallingup. There is also the Wildflower Season when the entire Cape Region bursts into beautiful wild flowers. This becomes the best time for watching whales loitering around the beautiful flowers.
The best attraction within Yallingup in Western Australia is the whale watching. Many people get attracted to whales while migrating. People spot them around Cape Naturaliste region for about 6months from April to October. The whales migrate to search for warmer Northern waters and they return when it is summer. People also enjoy visiting the Yallingup and Smith beaches. These are the most accessible beaches of Western Australia and they are popular and beautiful. Tourists from all over the world come and visit them which actually boost the tourist industry. These beaches are filled during the school holidays and long weekends since they are the best for family outings due to their accessibility and they are no charges of visiting. People just visit free of charge and enjoy the warm sand along the sea shore.
The most visited attraction in Yallingup is actually the Ngilgi Cave. These caves were discovered in 1899 and have now been opened to the public and made a famous attraction centre. People from different parts of the world do visit the area and pay a token to watch the amazing caves. The token paid actually boost the tourist industry and help in renovating some tourist attraction sites within the town. There are also canal rocks within Yallingup which are marine rocks protruding to form a natural canal and many people like to take photographs from this site simply because it is a beautiful site which attracts many.

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