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Welcome to Queensland, Australia

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Cities and Resorts in Queensland:

Brisbane | Bundaberg | Cairns | Charters Towers | Gladstone | Gold Coast | Hervey Bay | Mackay | Mount Isa | Rockhampton | Toowoomba | Townsville

Queensland is situated in the north-eastern end of Australia. It is the second largest state and is mostly situated in the Tropic of Capricorn. The state’s overall territory is 1 722 000 sq km which is 22,5% of the continent’s territory. Queensland is bounded by New South Wales on the south, South Australia on the south-west, by the Northern Territory on the west, by the Gulf of Carpentaria, Torres Strait and the Coral Sea in the north, and the South Pacific Ocean in the east. Its coastline is 7400km long.


Most parts of the state are represented by planes, sharp, high relief on the east and north-west and salt flats meeting the coast on the north. There are uplands on the north-west and the land on the east rises to meet the Great Dividing Range. There are also islands beyond which there is the Great Barrier Reef – 2000km of coral formations.
In Queensland you can find plains, tropical forests, rainforests, national parks and many attractions. The Gold Coast holds the tourist centre of the state.
The capital of Queensland is Brisbane which lies on the east coast on the banks of the Brisbane River. The population of Queensland is nearly 3,5 million people and it is 17% of the population in Australia. Most of these people live in Brisbane – around 1,5 million.

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