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Fremantle Tourist Information, Travel Guide & Tours

Western Australia is one the best choices for tourism and adventure and it offers a variety of tourist destinations to suit almost every taste and preference. One such tourist spot which attracts lot of attention not only in Australia but also across the world is a place called Fremantle. It is a port city which is just 20 kilometers away from Perth. It was a small, sleepy little town which has become a major tourist attraction over the past few years. Though it would be difficult to give an off-hand reply as to why it has become such a famous tourist attraction, the reason could be attributed to the fact that it is an intriguing city, which almost immediately grabs the attentions of tourists and visitors. Fremantle is a place which is very cosmopolitan in nature with. It is perhaps the only place in Western Australia which has a good mix of hippies, yuppies and people with an artistic bent of mind who gives this city a distinctive touch. It also has a strong Southern European influence which adds a cosmopolitan touch to it. When one talks about South European influence, you can naturally expect the influence to percolate down to cuisine and entertainment. One more thing which makes Fremantle so special is the fun and frolic associated with it. It is a place dotted with a number of bars and nightclubs which makes night life very exciting and fun-filled.


Apart from the fun and frolic part of it, Fremantle in Western Australia is also has a history which is thrilling and something which makes all Australians proud. It is the only place in Western Australia which has the largest collection of heritage buildings. It is also one of the few cities in Australia where one could encounter a world class museum every now and then. Such is the richness and heritage of this city. Apart from this the city is also famous for viewing the reconstructed Dutch Ship Batavia, which sank off the Western Australian Coast sometime in 1629. So any visit to the museums in this city will naturally show the rich maritime history surrounding this city. A visit to Fremantle would not be complete without visiting the Prison in the city better known as Fremantle Prison which incidentally was built by convicts sometime during the 1850s and which was used as a place of incarceration even until 1991. In 1992 this prison was converted into a heritage building by the authorities. There are many guided tours conducted by reputed travel agents who operate from Perth and other places from Western Australia. These travel agents arrange for a sight seeing of Fremantle which most certainly will include this famous prison.

Getting hotels and accommodation in Fremantle is not a big deal as there are plenty of hotels spread around the length and breadth of this city. Additionally, many tourists prefer to stay in Perth and visit this town ex-Perth. Whichever way one looks at it, Fremantle is one of the most intriguing and interesting places in Western Australia with a lot of history and culture to back it. It can be said with a reasonable amount of confidence that a visit to this place will stay etched in the memory of the tourists for many years.

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