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Albany Tourist Information, Travel Guide & Tours

One of the most famous and beautiful city in Australia is Albany, which is situated on the southern coast of the island country. From Perth (Australia) drive way to this beautiful place is about 4 hours and also 45 minutes i.e., almost to 5 hours. It will be a mysterious journey to this nature best beauty. The dramatic history of this place is mind blowing. It is a big set backdrop of a granite coastline, surrounded by green seas that attract tourists coming to the place. This place has a suitable climate which people prefer when they go to tour. So many people in different parts of the world and also from the country itself will visit this marvelous sea bed place. The sea surrounded is this place is the great Pacific Ocean. In ancient times, this place was a place of a famous prison and also it is famous for the liquor buildings. People coming there enjoy various facilities like going in ships, boats and so by enjoying the beauty of the nature. There are many cottages that are fit to live in with your family and others. This place was discovered in the late 1700s by a ship captain named Vancouver and then many of his country men came to this place in a flash as Vancouver settled here in early 1800s.


In this beautiful place there were many museums and also colonial buildings of about 50 of them. Museums were building up mainly with the concentration of those art and also craft equipments. The best way to see this museums are by walking through the amity trail which will take only 30 minutes to see complete colonial buildings and also the museums. In this beautiful place there is National Park which is situated in the close coastal line. It is having various varieties of animals that are of living in different habitat. They are living freely in that place with no one to disturb them for free living. This is a good project to do. It will ensure the safety of the animals living in that place.  By going to this wonderful place there many things to watch and also to take pictures.
After enjoying this suitable climate and also seeing those monumental places, it will be time to get relaxed and this place has different hotels to live. As there are many tourists who come and visit this place it is necessary to have many tourist homes. In this place there are many hotels of having many suitable facilities. There are many hotels of both low and high class. Most of the high class contains tennis court, basketball court, swimming pools, costly and beautiful gardens, Air Conditioned rooms with relaxing spa. In low class hotels there will be Air Conditioned rooms, not much beautiful gardens, and old rooms and so on. This place has a great availability of accommodation facilities.
By visiting Albany on the western coast of Australia there is a good advantage of being relaxed and also it will be one of the best places that you can visit during holidays.

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