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Rottnest Tourist Information, Travel Guide & Tours

If anyone wishes to experience paradise on the earth, it is available in Western Australia and that too very near Perth. The place is called Rottnest Islands, which is situated just around 18 kms from the city of Perth. It is called “Rotto” by the local people. There cannot be a better tourist spot for lovers and family members. It has many beautiful things to see and the most important ones are private coves with sand that is sparkling white and turquoise water. Rottnest has great coastal scenery and some bays which are there in this Western Australian island so large in size that it never seems to end. It could be the most ideal spot for relaxation and unwinding. For those who are on the lookout for something more intimate and closer to the heart, they could choose the great limestone cliffs which surround the island.


The most ideal time to visit this wonderful island in Western Australia is during summer. But summer could be a bit congested and crowded because this is the time when you could see hordes of families landing in this island with their children, relatives and friends. Though the sun is pretty hot and can scorch your skin, the cool south westerly breeze in the evening will make you forget the heat of the day. Though essentially a summer resort, Rottnest is now becoming a favorite tourist spot for all the seasons. Those who are allergic to summer have the option to visit this beautiful island tourist spot in Western Australia sometime during May to October when the climate is mild and extremely pleasant.

Almost the entire Rottnest island is unique in its beauty but the northern side is perhaps the most fascinating where the Thomson Bay is located. It is considered the most important point of the island and is famous for a lot of shops, bakeries and restaurants. If you have the wherewithal you can hire a private vessel and spend some time docking in the only public jetty in the island. Rottnest is the best place for sports lovers and being an island it affords lot of avenues for pursuing this sport. Cars and other modes of transport are not available but Rottnest is best discovered and enjoyed either on foot or on bicycle. Traveling by bicycle is indeed a great experience which one can never forget.

Since Rottnest is situated very close to Perth, it is very well connected by air. There are a number of hotels both at Perth and in Rottnest which come with various price tags. So getting a good accommodation for your visit to Rottnest is not a big problem. Additionally a number of travel agents arrange travel and tour programs from Perth. They also come in different price structures. On the whole, a visit to Rottnest will be something which will remain etched in memory for the rest of a person’s life. Getting more information about this wonderful spot in Western Australia on the internet is one very good option to plan your trip efficiently.

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