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Mandurah Tourist Information, Travel Guide & Tours

One of the fastest growing towns in Western Australia. One of the main reasons why this town has grown so fast is the fact that it is situated very close to Perth, the Capital City of Western Australia. This town is also sometimes called the gateway to South West Australia. It is well connected by road and there are plenty of cars available on hire which make a visit to this place very easy and convenient. Driving towards Mandurah is itself a fascinating and breath taking experience as it takes you through the wonderful sceneries of the coastline. While reaching Mandurah you have a chance to cross towns like Fremantle, Kiwnana and Rockingham. The roads are broad and wide and hence unlike many other highways a drive to Mandurah is absolutely safe. Of late, there has been huge population boom in this town which can be attributed to its wonderful coast, industry, bush land and of course the quality of living which it affords. In spite of its rapid industrial growth, the town has managed to retain its origin charm and relaxed atmosphere. Hence, for a resident of Perth or for that matter anyone who wants to escape from the rigmarole of daily life, Mandurah is without doubt the best option.


The main area around which the city is centered is called the Mandjar Bay which is very famous amongst lovers and is often called the lovers paradise. Because of its wonderful Mediterranean climate, Mandurah in Western Australia attracts a large number of tourists from across the world. It offers so much variety and a wide array of sight seeing experience that it is without doubt one of the prime tourist locations in the world. It is one of the most exciting destinations of Western Australia. Australia as a nation is very well known for its waterways and in tradition with it, Mandurah is home to some of the most fascinating waterways in the whole of Western Australia. It is located in the peel region and very often is referred to as the mouth of peel. It is very famous for being the meeting point of three great rivers of Western Australia, i.e. Murray, Serpentine and Harvey. Hence it is a natural choice for development of water sports and boating with some of the finest boats being available here. Since it is abundant in water, there cannot be a better place than Mandurah for someone who likes fishing as a hobby or pastime. Other sporting and gaming activities which are popular in this Western Australian resort are crabbing, swimming, water skiing and more importantly recreational cruising.

Since this Western Australian town of Mandurah is situated so close to Perth, transport by air to Perth from any part of the world is very easy. Coupled with this there are a lot of hotels spread across this beautiful town and so accommodation will never be a problem. It has hotels which can cater to different budgets and those on a tight budget can also aspire to enjoy this town to the fullest extent. Additionally, for people who are new to this place, there are a number of travel and tour agents who are at the customer’s beck and call. They can arrange some of the best traveling programs which are tailor made to suit individual tastes and preferences.

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