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Kununurra Tourist Information, Travel Guide & Tours

One city in Western Australia which is considered as the gateway to the Eastern Kimberley is a place called Kununurra. It is a small township which is not very old in terms of development and growth but what makes it interesting is the fact that it is built on an ancient landscape. This is a very famous town for its beautiful irrigation system which has created a waterway which does not dry up during any part of the year. This makes Kununurra a great tourist attraction. This alone was enough for a lot of hotels coming up in this town which affords accommodation for all classes of tourists. So hotel tariff is not something which will inhibit tourists from visiting this place. Apart from the permanent waterway there is also the Kununurra Lake which is also a big hit amongst tourists and holiday makers. This lake apart from being beautiful for the eyes is also very popular amongst water sports lovers. A visit to Kununurra would not be complete without a visit to Lake Argyle. The lake is so big and huge that it can be classified as one big mass of inland sea; obviously, this lake is the ideal location for water sports lovers across Western Australia. If anyone wants to feast on a bird’s eye view of this beautiful town, then he or she has to experience sun-set from the highest point in this town called Kelly’s Knob.


For a tourist who wishes to explore the entire Eastern Kimberly, Kununurra should be made the base from which the other places could be visited and discovered. Located very close to this town is the famous Miriam National Park. The beauty of this National Park is best experienced on foot but it needs a bit of stamina and some strong nerves to move around this park on foot. Apart from this national park, another famous place that is worth visiting is the Elephant Rock which can easily be seen from the banks of Lily Creek and it has two unique formations of rocks. From one angle it looks like an elephant rock and from the other end it resembles Buddha in repose. Hence, it is a place worth visiting at least once.

Apart from the places mentioned above which are very much within the periphery of Kununurra, there are other places which can be seen having this town as the base. These places are the largest diamond mine in the world known as Argyle Mines. In fact this mine has an important role to play in the livelihood of the community living in Kununurra.

Kununurra is well connected by air and road and in fact there is an airport in the town itself which connects people to almost all the major cities of Australia. This West Australian town also boasts of the best hotel accommodations and there are a number of tour and travel agents who arrange wonderful sight seeing trips to this town at varying rates and frequencies and lengths of time.

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