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Esperance Tourist Information, Travel Guide & Tours

Esperance is located in the goldfields region of Western Australia. Many people like visiting this town and have fun due to many tourists’ attractions in the region. It is really becoming a very popular tourist destination which is actually noted for its magnificent coastline and spectacular beaches available in the region. Geographically, it is located 720km South-East of Western Australia’s capital. The major near towns are Albany to the west and Kalgoorlie to the north. This town is characterised by a deep sea port and a railway junction that has helped in the development of the town. The railway junction transports goods to the tow hence expanding businesses in the region while the sea provides fine fishing that really boosts the economy in the region. The deep sea port in Esperance helps in sea transport where goods can be transported to overseas countries and trade is actually promoted.


There are many things that can attract people to Esperance. People can be able to see blue waters and also snow-white beaches. This actually attracts many people especially the blue waters and also the beaches where people go and relax with their families during school holidays and long weekends. There is also Superb Cape Le Grand which is National Park and is located outside the town. This is a must-see park simply because it is near a highway where people pass when entering the town and vehicles try to slow down so that visitors have a look at different wild animals grazing inside the park. There are also beautiful beaches and natural wilderness inside the park and people actually enjoy visiting them just to enjoy themselves. The New Orleans Bay is also a beautiful attraction site in Esperance which attracts many people from all over the world to come and see.
Travelling to this town is actually not a problem. This is because we have Trans WA which is the bus company that connects Esperance to the rest of the world. Daily buses operate to Perth and several other buses operate to Kalgoorlie and Albany per week. These buses are said to be comfortable in the sense that passengers can stretch themselves the way they want while comfortably seated. They can also be in a position to watch the scene outside the bus while travelling.
In Esperance Western Australia, we have the Twilight Beach in Esperance which was actually awarded the title of the most popular beach in the world in 2006. This particular beach was voted the best and the most favourite one among the 21 West Australian beaches.

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