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Geraldton Tourist Information, Travel Guide & Tours

Geraldton is a town situated on the Champion bay on a spectacular stretch of a coastline referred to as Batavia Coast in the Western Australia. It is renowned for its cultural, entertainment and sporting facilities where tourists visit and enjoy their vacations. It is located about 450km north of the capital Perth. The city is actually located near a beautiful coastline to the west of Rolling Hills breakaway ranges to the East. It is sandwiched between two rivers; Chapman and Greenough Rivers of the Western Australia. Many people like this city simply because it hosts holiday activities especially the water sports. We find that during school holidays and the long holidays, all the accommodation facilities get filled up since many people have really come to enjoy together with their families and due to this, one is supposed to book an accommodation in advance.


The good thing with Geraldton is that it hosts holiday activities especially the water sports. Many facilities for water transport are available and people from different parts of the world visit the place to enjoy water sports. There are also white sandy beaches to relax. Many people come to such beaches to enjoy together with their families. The beaches contain white sand which is so attractive and absorbs heat which makes the beaches the most comfortable place to relax in the whole of Geraldton city. Fishing is also available around the place in large scale. The fish are exported and this actually makes the city famous.
It is actually very easy to travel to Geraldton of the Western Australia. The first thing is that there is no rail service to this city. People can go by plane which has a destination at the Geraldton airport (GET) which is around 10km east of the Geraldton city. Travelling by ship is also an alternative whereby you can arrive to the city via a cargo ship although this is a rare means of transport around this place. People also travel to the city by car. This is by taking the Brand Highway North from Perth which is approximately 440km. The most used means of transport is bus. This is because there are many buses both private and public which run into and around Geraldton. The funny thing with these buses is that they only operate during the daylight and thus you cannot be able to get a bus during the night. Walking is also another means of getting into the city since most of this area is fairly flat and good for walking. An alternative for walking is to rent a scooter from Bella vista Cafe on Marine Terrace.
While you are in Geraldton, you can see many things which are really attractive. There is maritime museum, beaches, HMAS Sydney Memorial and many more attractions that you can watch while travelling. The town is blessed with beautiful beaches and warm sunny weather which attracts many people. Famous attractions include; first class theatres, art galleries, national parks and many more other attractions that improve the tourist industry in Geraldton.

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