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Broome Tourist Information, Travel Guide & Tours

The History of Broome town in the Northern Territory is well known due to the Pearling Industry that existed some time back. It is really a historical town that is situated in the Kimberley region. This town is well known to be a famous tourist attraction centre which attracts many tourists especially due to its well developed beaches. Australians are the major tourists in this area and also tourists from outside also come and enjoy themselves. This town comprise of sunny days of around 30 degree Celsius and this is what attracts people since there are longer summers than winter. During the evening, coldness is experienced especially when the temperatures go below 20 degree Celsius and this is not conducive weather to many. During the cold weather, people change attires immediately to rhyme with the weather changes. The town is located near the Indian Ocean famous beach, Cable Beach which is actually very beautiful and has golden sand which attracts many people. It should be noted that sunsets at the Cable Beach are magnificent and people enjoy them either from the beach itself or from some restaurants that are located near the famous Broome beach.


It should be noted that population of Broome town varies according to the weather for example; The population is estimated to be about 12000 when it is winter and about 30000 during the summer period. This difference is brought about by the incoming tourists who come to enjoy the summer time when their home places experience winter. It is also true that it is very hard to find accommodation in Broom at the height of the season. This is because at this time, many tourists come and occupy all the rooms that are available. It is also worse during school holidays and the long weekends. This is because families come to enjoy the sunny beaches in this town and thus if you want accommodation it is advisable to book in advance.
Travelling to Broome town is not difficult simply because there are various means of transport to this place. People can be able to enter the town by car through hiring one of the cars to take you to the place. People also hire scooters to take them to the town. Travelling can also be by bus whereby, there is a town bus that runs regular services which connect Cable Beach, downtown and the Chinatown. It is not easy to miss the bus since it operates throughout. There is also a plane that operates from Perth to Darwin and thus from Darwin you can find a simple means to Broome town.
Around Broome, one can be able to see many things for example; there are three famous beaches that attract many people from different geographical areas. We have the Cable Beach, Redell and the Town beaches. These three beaches are known for their golden sand and people like them. Other attraction to see include; Pearl Luggers, Willie Creek Pearl Farm 35km from Broom town, the Wharf and many more.

Many of us may not be knowing the fact the Broome is a very small place in Western Australia is perhaps the reason why this continues to remain a good tourist attraction because it is still not spoilt by human civilization so to say. Though this city is quite far away from the main cities of Australia it can be reached quite easily by air. Broome because of its vast natural splendor is often considered to be one of the best tourist spots not only in Australia but throughout the world. Australia is a fascinating country with a varied culture and civilization. If anyone is wants to discover more about this country than Broome is the ideal place. It is a perfect mix of Australian wilderness and Australian culture and would be a dream come true for any tourist around the world. Though the place is very isolated, this wonderful place has all the ingredients to make a visitor to this feel comfortable. Any visit to Western Australia would certainly be incomplete without a visit to this place.
A tourist intending to visit Broome need not bother because it is a remote place because this beautiful place in Western Australia has the best accommodations in terms of a wide choice of hotels to suit each and every budget. Additionally, there are many arranged tours which operate to this place which are organized by some reputed and extremely professional travel agents. There are hotel accommodations which are adventurous to say the least. You could choose an accommodation where you could be surrounded by “bushes” to make it look really natural. Alternately, if you are the one who is for some luxurious rooms to stay in, there are some star hotels which should take care of your taste and preference. Wherever you stay in Broome, the natural attractions are the key for the beauty of this place and it forms cornerstone for making this place so special.
This Western Australian tourist spot has a wide variety of natural resources to offer. You could bask in the luxury of the great shining sands of the beaches that are literally untouched by human civilization.  It is without doubt the only destination which showcases the entire wilderness of Australia to the fullest extent.
Broome has a very ancient history and there are recorded documents to suggest that its history dates back to the days when the earth has just begun to take shape. To get a real proof of this all a tourist has to do is wait for a low tide and pay a visit to a place called Gantheaume Point, where you will find distinct footprints of dinosaurs that existed in Broome almost some 130 million years ago. So there cannot be a better proof to suggest that this was a place where the first signs of life History also are evidence to the fact that the first inhabitants took control of Broome in WA the moment the dinosaurs were wiped out from the face of the earth. The first tribes to take control of this place are referred to as the Yawuru people.
So if you are looking at a place which has both nature and history in its side Broome in Western Australia should be the obvious choice.

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