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Kakadu Tourist Information, Travel Guide & Tours

Kakadu is a place that lies in the Northern Territory of Australia. To reach this place, one can travel from Sydney or Melbourne following the well maintained highway. People can also fly from Darwin which is the capital city of the Northern Territory. Kakadu is famous because of the large national park that is available around this place. Kakadu National Park has really served many people through touring to see the long time distinct wildlife which is found within this park. There are also other attractions within this national park and visitors from all corners of the earth have access to this park to learn more about wildlife. Kakadu town is recognised because of the Kakadu National Park which has got two entrances. There is the Northern entrance which can be reached via the Arnhem Highway and it is about 150km South East of Darwin. We also have the Southern entrance where you need to turn right in the Pine Creek which is 230km South of Darwin. One can plan to follow Kakadu Highway which will direct him or her to the actual park entrance. After you reach the park, the challenge now becomes touring the scene since the park is covers almost 20000square kilometres.


Kakadu National Park is actually is actually the famous tourist attraction in Kakadu. This is because it contains all sort of natural features and wildlife that is rare in other national parks in the world. To travel within Kakadu National Park, there is an organised Kakadu tour that is for the many visitors who actually visit the place. There are big couches and also small four wheel drive buses that take people to whichever place they want within the park. It should be noted that roads within the park are well maintained to accommodate the tour vehicles. It has been proved that the best mode of vehicle to use within Kakadu National Park is the 4 wheel drive. People using the 2 wheel drive vehicles should actually take care because the roads are not fit for them due to gorges and waterfalls that are popular within the area.
There are tours found within Kakadu National Park whose work is to take tourists to luxury hotel rooms around Kakadu. People also drive their own cars within Kakadu National Park so that they drive at their own pace so as to be able to have a longer view to the wonders within the park. Rented vehicles are also available that are open at the top so that people travelling can have a wide view of all the happenings within this park in Kakadu.
There are many attractions within Kakadu where most of them are concentrated in Kakadu National Park and many tourists pay a visit to see them. There are great gorges that if you observe for a long time, you are likely to feel dizzy. We also have waterfalls in Kakadu and rock pools for swimming. People do swim under massive waterfalls, walk through sandstone galleries and also have fun at the Scenic Yellow Water still within Kakadu National Park.

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