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Jabiru Tourist Information, Travel Guide & Tours

Jabiru is a big town that is found in the midst of the wilderness national park in the Northern Territory. The town actually started because of the nearby uranium mine which still exists nowadays. The town has grown to a larger one which is able to accommodate many visitors who come to explore the Kakadu National Park. There is a straight highway known as Kakadu Highway which passes through the National Park and directly to the town in the midst of the wilderness. Positioning of this town in the forest has really helped tourists who come to visit Kakadu National Park since accommodation; shopping and other services are got with ease in the town. Visitors have no problem when touring the park simply because they are guaranteed on accommodation and food. The town is now a major centre for thousands of people who come to explore Kakadu each year. In short, we can describe Jabiru in the Northern Territory as a main centre for Kakadu and is officially a mining town.


There are many visitors’ centres in Jabiru town where one of them is the Bowali Visitors centre. This centre is described by many animals that people come to see and enjoy their holidays at these beautiful places. There is also culture and entertainment within the town and people enjoy attending the cultural sites very much. Traditional carvings are available in the town where tourists come and have a look at them after paying a token that facilitate improvement in other tourist attraction sites within the area. We also notice the existence of Ubir Rock. This rock s found near the East Alligator River which is composed of many rock art galleries. It is noted that some paintings found on these rocks were done more than 20000 years ago. This makes Jabiru an attraction centre where the main site is Kakadu National Park which actually surrounds the whole of the town.
In the town of Jabiru, we also discover an attraction site by the name Nourlangie Rock. It is found in the south of Jabiru and is a fine Aboriginal rock art site that includes some paintings of Namaragan which they call the Lighting Man. This is a major attraction site simply because it records many tourists per year who come to see the art that is on the rock.
The major attraction sites around Jabiru town include Kakadu National Park which surrounds the town. It is characterised by unsurpassed beauty and attracts many tourists. In fact almost all the tourists who visit Jabiru town come have fun at the Kakadu National Park which is really a huge national park with many wild animals. In this park, one can be able to find the distinct species of animals for example the dinosaur which cannot be found in the local parks. We also have the Mary River National Park which protects a part of the Mary River catchment. It has flood plains and rainforests which attract many tourists. There is Nitmiluk National Park which is 345km east of Darwin and is a major tourist centre.

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