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Humpty Doo Tourist Information, Travel Guide & Tours

Humpty Doo is actually a small town that is in the top end of the Northern Territory of Australia. The town is not actually far from Darwin on the road of Kakadu National Park. If you want to reach this small town, it is advisable to drive on Kakadu road which is the most convenient way to use. This town is characterised by many hotels where people stop for lunch when travelling. Some of these people are tourists at Kakadu National Park and they proceed to have their meals at this town since it is renowned for delicious meals. There are also many pubs, bars and restaurants where people relax and have beer and enjoy themselves to the maximum. One can also get to this town along the Arnham Highway which is approximately 50 minutes from Darwin. Transport to this town is mainly by bus which is well scheduled to operate from Darwin to Humpty Doo. Sometimes one may miss the bus simply because it is mainly for school children and thus if you do not time well, you are likely to miss it. The best way to enter the town is through hiring a car.


To go round the town of Humpty Doo will be tedious if you plan walking. This is because you cannot tour every part of this town through walking since it has many natural attractions within it. One is supposed to hire a car or a tour scooter that will take him or her round every attraction within and a bit far from the town. Many tourists visit this place to see the natural sites that are very attractive and sometimes addictive. Many people have visited the place as tourists and have failed to go back to their original homes simply because the place is beautiful and a nice one to live. Many sites which attract tourists exist within this town and some of them cannot be found anywhere else in the world due to their uniqueness.
We have the Fogg Dam which is not far from the Humpty Doo town. This dam is famous because of bird watching. Many kinds of birds exist in this dam and people from all the corners of the world avail themselves to this dam to have a look at the famous types of bird. People reach this dam through driving along a narrow road across the dam. Others come by small planes to tour the dam and watch the birds which range from small to big size. The good thing with this dam is that there is no any entry fee and thus people come from different areas simply because everything is free and this becomes the most visited attraction site in Humpty Doo.
There is also the Humpty Doo Tavern. This tavern is located on the edge of the agricultural area that surrounds Darwin about 47 km. It has been estimated to be a 45 minute drive right from the city centre. This is the best place for both the locals and tourists who are on their way to Kakadu and it is characterised by facilities like; car park, public toilet and many more.

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