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Alice Springs Tourist Information, Travel Guide & Tours

Alice Springs is described as the heart of Central Australia which is in the Northern Territory. It is located some 1500km from the nearest major city Darwin. This is actually a long distance from Darwin and this makes some items expensive in this town due to transport costs incurred by traders in the town. The town itself is not too expensive when it comes to basic needs for example food since restaurants sell food at reasonable prices to people. Houses for rent are somehow expensive simply because of its distance from other towns whereby construction materials have to increase the cost of building the houses since they are transported from a long distance from this town. This town is comprised of gorges, boundless desert landscapes and many other attraction sites that make it a tourist centre. Some attraction centres such as Uluru Rock, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon promote the tourist industry in this town. The population has grown to over 28000 since the start of the tourist boom in the early eighties and this has made Alice Springs a famous town in the Northern Territory.


It should be noted that Alice Springs is a great town worth visit. Visitors from all over the world avail themselves to this tow to see the wonders of the nature found within this town. Tourism is actually a major industry in this town and it has facilitated the growth of the town for it to be in a position to accommodate so many visitors from all the corners of Australia and outside. There are well maintained facilities for travellers that try to make visitors comfortable and enjoy visiting the town frequently. There is a Visitor Centre which is located some 60km from Gregory Terrace at the south end of Todd Mall. Many visitors are found in this place throughout the year enjoying the scenery.
Travelling to Alice Springs is actually very easy simply because there are a lot of transport means to reach the place regardless of its distance from the nearby towns. One can travel by plane which is made simpler by the availability of an airport in Alice Springs. The flights connect to Darwin, Sydney, Perth and many other places and there is also a flying shuttle to Uluru. Fare is about $80 in rush hours and $30 off-peak. People also travel by train whereby a private tourist train known as Ghan that covers Adelaide and Darwin stopping in Alice is available all the time and you can put your car inside the train. People also travel by car or bus which is about 17hours from Darwin and 18hours from Adelaide. It is advisable to use Stuart Highway from Adelaide which is well maintained and most convenient.
Many attractions are found in Alice Springs. There are many interesting things to see for example the interesting sunset that no one is supposed to miss out. There is also Alice Show which is an annual festival where people see animal displays, fireworks, art and craft and many more. Also, there is Camel Cup which comprise of camel race day which is actually a fun.

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