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Australia Transportation Information. Getting in and Travelling Inside Australia.

Before you land in Australia, it is obligatory to fill in an Immigration form and Customs and Agriculture Declaration forms. If you don’t have an Australian or New Zealand passport, you will need a visa in order to enter Australia. You are not permitted to work there if you have a tourist visa. But if you have a working holiday visa you can work for 3 months and stay in Australia for up to 12. You can fill an Application form for a visa in all Australian Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates.
If you want to take a tour around Australia with a train, you should know that there are three major train-lines: Indian Pacific, the Ghan and the Overland.


Indian Pacific – the route of this line includes Sydney – Adelaide – Perth. The whole trip lasts 3 nights in one direction, covers a distance of 4352 km and is available twice weekly in both directions. The train also stops in Broken Hill and Kalgoorlie, passes through the Blue Mountains, the treeless plains of The Nullarbor and Cook. When the train stops at a station you can take an optional guided tour around. The railway also connects the Indian and the Pacific oceans.
The Ghan – this line includes Adelaide – Alice Springs – Darwin, takes 2 nights in one direction and is 2979 km long. The train is available two times a week and it literary passes through the heart of the continent, enabling you to see the countryside surrounding Adelaide, the rusty hues of the Red Centre and the tropical Top End.
The Overland – this line is quite shorter than the other two – 828 km. The journey lasts a day and includes Adelaide – Melbourne and visa versa. The line is a very convenient connection between the two big cities and is available three times weekly.
You can also travel by air and there are airports in all of the major Australian cities. There are two airlines that can offer you flights to and from many destinations.
Another option is to take a guided tour through the parts you wish to visit.

Please for Flights, Car-rental and other transportation bookings refer to the general Australia Transportation Reservations page.

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