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Australian Beaches. Australian Beach Resorts Safety Tips.

A snake, no matter how beautiful, is dangerous. Keep this statement in mind next time you venture onto the exotic beaches of Australia. While offering breathtaking sights of sun, sand, sky and underwater life, Australia beaches have been the site of many accidents, mostly involving tourists from other shores.


Here are some tips on having a fun and safe beach experience in Australia:

Mind the flags

Flags on Australia beaches serve as your guide as to which parts of the waters are safe to swim in. It’s best that you swim only between the flags. Otherwise, you may encounter irregular water depths, submerged rocks and underwater currents.

Safety in surfing

As with swimming, you should make sure to surf only in areas where there are surf lifesavers. Take note also of signs that warn of the presence of poisonous jellyfish. These marine creatures are particularly common in northern Australia.

Slather some protection

Statistics say that about 1400 people die in Australia every year because of skin cancer. Add to this 8,800 more people who suffer from melanoma and you get an alarming figure. Don’t let yourself suffer the same conditions just because you want a good tan.

Slather some sunscreen on your skin half an hour before going to the beach. A sunscreen with an SPF of 30+ should be enough to protect you from the harsh effects of the ultraviolet rays. As much as possible you should also avoid going to the beach from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. as this is the period when the sun is its hottest in Australia.

Trouble busters

Don’t panic if you find yourself in trouble on the beach. If you get caught in a rip, catch the attention of people around you by waving your arms. If no one notices you, it’s best to swim along with the rip instead of against it. Once the rip breaks, you can easily swim towards the shore.

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