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australia birds

Black Swan – the bird is found in most parts of the country, has shiny black plumage, red beak and white wing-tips. Both parents build the nest and take part in the raising of the young. They also live in colonies.

Black Swan Emu
Emu – it is one of the largest birds and can only be found in Australia. Its wings are weak and it cannot fly, but it has strong legs and can run with up to 50 km/h. It likes neither heavily forested areas nor treeless deserts. It feeds with wild fruits and grass and prefers living in small groups.
Kookaburra – this is the largest kingfisher and it eats insects, small reptiles, crabs, rats and mice. It lays its eggs in termites’ nests or hollow trees.
Lyrebird – these are plain brown birds with long tails. When the males spread their beautiful, long tails, they resemble the old musical instrument lyre. They have short wings and can’t fly well, but are good imitators of other birds and can run fast as well.
They like eating insects, worms, snails and little sand hoppers.
White Cockatoo – these birds with lemon-coloured crest are widely known as good pets and talkers. They eat roots, bulbs and seeds which they manage to dig out with their beaks. They make their nests in holes in trees and sometimes in cliffs.


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