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Australia Cuisine, Foods and Drinks Information. Typical Australian Dishes.

The dishes in Australia are constantly changing due to the different conditions in the country. The first settlers in Australia brought with them the typical 18th century dishes of Great Britain. But these meals were not suitable for the climate and had to be changed. During the Gold Rush in 1851, many Chinese came to the continent and introduced their special cuisine to the native people. And the Australian food continued changing.
Nowadays, the Australian cuisine reflects the many cultures that are gathered on this continent. There are only a few dishes which were not changed with time:
Anzac Biscuits - during the World War I, the mothers and wives used to bake and send these biscuits to their soldiers in trenches.
Damper - this kind of bread was created by stockmen, who had only water and flour to make their food of. The dampers were made of kneaded water, flour and salt. In those days it was eaten with dry meat, tea or rum. Today the only change in it is that it is made with milk.
Lamingtons - these cakes were named after Baron Lamington who ruled Queensland during the late 19th century. They are little cake squares, dipped in chocolate and coated in dry coconut.


Pavlova - this desert was made by Herbert Sachse in 1935 (the manager of the Hotel Esplanade in Western Australia) in order to mark the visit of Anna Pavlova (Russian ballerina).
Vegemite a thick dark spread for bread and toasts, which is usually added to various kinds of soups. It is very popular throughout Australia since the start of the twntieth century. This dish ingredient is made from the yeast left-overs during the process of beer production. It is also very nutritious and provides with vitamins B1, B2 and Niacin.

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