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Visiting Victoria in Australia is not complete without a stop at Midura, a town situated on the banks of the Murray River. It is a settlement with a modest population of about 30,000 people and it is a town that has become famous for having an abundant supply of foods; up to 80% of the grape recorded as coming from Victoria, Australia is produced in Mildura. You will get to enjoy an abundance of water based activities, excellent food and wine, unending sunshine and you will get to view the beautiful citrus groves and vineyards in Mildura.


The major attraction in Mildura is the Murray River which is the based of various activities that can be done around water. You can go on a boat ride with one of the ancient paddler streamer while being the captain of your own boat. Water skiing and swimming are other things you can do around there or you enjoy some tanning on the beach. The bank of the Murray River is one that is adorned with lush green countryside scenery but you can discover more beauties of nature beyond there.
Mungo National Park, a primordial environment that contains a number of the most spectacular and indigenous site that ca be found in Australia. It is located in the northeastern part of Mildura and it is a place that can be reached from Wentworth driving through a stretch of 88km of sealed road and 58km of unsealed road. You can also get there through the unsealed Arompo Road. Mungo national Park has a history of being the place where the remains of the earliest known human inhabitants of the Australian continent were found.
Are you adventurous? Then don’t miss out from Mildura ballooning because you will be able to experience the Murray outback region from a comfortable and safe hot air balloon that has been able to deliver an unrivalled view of the area in a relaxed atmosphere to tourists in all age brackets.
 Do endeavor to visit the Langtree Avenue for enjoy an unforgettable dinner while in Mildura because that is the dining nucleus of the area. There, you will be treated to alfresco dining and a range of eateries. Langtree Avenue is the place you will find the Stefano de Pieri’s award winning restaurant. Stefano de Pieri is the restaurateur who has become a celebrity in his field following his ‘Gondola on the Murray’ cookbooks and television series and his efforts has made the town famous for excellent food.
You should not get tired of seeing and eating fruits here because you will come across a lot of fruits there. Blood orange, pickled asparagus, lime marmalade, marinated olives and spicy pistachios are some of what you will come across in the markets. You will also come across various other fruits, vegetables, nuts, Murray crays, fresh water fish, farmed Murray cod and gourmet at the various farm gates, restaurants and cafes all over the region.
Let me close with this information, Mildura is a town that has many wine production regions, so do not forget to have a fill of wine to drink and take back home.

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