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Welcome to Bendigo

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Bendigo Attractions

Buda Historic Home & Garden

The Buda Historic Home & Garden offers visitors to explore the house of Ernest Leviny and a great collection of arts and crafts, including some works of silver and jewellery designed by Leviny. There are also art-works such as embroidery, metal craft, photography and various joinery made by the un-married daughters who resided here. Also exhibited are works by numerous eminent Australian artists such as Ursula Ridley Walk, M J McNally, Margaret Preston, etc.

Central Deborah Gold Mine

Central Deborah Gold Mine

Whether wondering at the surface of the mine with its treasure find of vintage mining machinery, gold panning for wealth or touring the amazing underground, a stop at Central Deborah Good Mine will be an unforgettable experience.
Mine Experience Tour continues about one hour and is an impressive and exciting underground tour. Just get a miner’s hat and a lamp, travel twenty storeys beneath the surface and walk on the footsteps of miners who discovered almost one tone of gold here!

Golden Dragon Museum

Golden Dragon Museum

Born of the long relationship, the Bendigo Chinese Association is proud to present the Golden Dragon Museum – a living history of the Chinese people of Bendigo from the gold rush of the 1850’s to nowadays. As this museum is the Chinese cultural centre in Australia, in it one can admire first-class Chinese arts and crafts with visiting craftsmen and trades people.

The Capital - Bendigo's Performing Arts Center

Capital  Performing Arts Center

This edifice boasts the finest entry of any arts center in Australia with towering Corinthian columns and an interior that has been restored to its initial Victorian splendour. Today, The Capital is a hive of various activities, hosting many of the best live theater, musical and dance performances in Australia. The venue is also a perfect place to stage a conference, seminar, meeting or exhibition.

Wycheproof Boomerangs
If you are interested in the history of the boomerang and even see how it’s made today, visit this place. You can make your own boomerang or simply decorate one. There you can also buy a boomerang or be taught how to throw one. Plus, there is located the largest collection of boomerang along with the largest one.


National Parks
If you are keen on nature the Box-Ironbark forests and woodlands in Victoria are a perfect place for you. They are very significant, both environmentally and culturally. After Australia was settled with Europeans, the Victoria’s Box-Ironbark forests and woodlands have been severely damaged in order to make place for mines, agriculture and towns. Therefore, nowadays only 17% of the original vegetation of the forest has survived.
Around Bendigo, there is the Greater Bendigo National Park. It has been formed by combining the former Whipstick and Kamarooka State Parks, One Tree Hill Regional Park, Mandurang State Forest and Sandhurst State Forest. The new park covers a territory of 17 007 hectares and there you can find some of the best-quality Box-Ironbark forests in the area, plus broombush mallee, grassy woodlands and Kamarooka mallee. For the last century the park has been used for gold mining, land selection, forestry and eucalyptus oil production. There are still remains and relics from these industries there.

Fishing & Watersports

Bendigo Lake Weeroona

The variety of fish in northern Victoria and Bendigo is really huge – you can catch many different kinds in a river or lake. You can, for example, try catching brown trout in the clear waters of the Campaspe River after the winter rains or in the near Lake Eppalock. 

Lake Eppalock

There is also a great amount of Redfin and Golden Perch and also Silver Perch, Boney Bream and Catfish.  Near Echuca you can fish plenty the spiny freshwater crayfish or Murray Cray.
You can canoe or ride a boat along the Murray River or the nearby Barmah Lakes, or go water-skiing along the powerful Murray.
During the summer you can also practice water sports in Lake Boort, north of Bendigo. The lake has been recently filled with more water by the community of Boort in order to be suitable for boats and other sports.

Parks & Gardens

Rosalind Park

Bendigo may look like a city within a forest as it is surrounded by natural bush lands. As far as nature is concerned, there are many beautiful wildflowers and animal, plus some gorgeous views. Within the city itself there are plenty of gardens, parks and clear spaces which contribute to the nice atmosphere in it.
Rosalind Park used to be the Government Park and a public centre in 1850s and is located in the centre of Bendigo. And even before that it was just a creek, lined with River Red Gums (Eucalyptus camaldulensis). The place was a water source for the local tribes (Dja Dja) who used to live there.
During the gold rush the place turned into a goldfield, but later became the beautiful Rosalind Park.
Another beautiful place is the White Hills Botanical Gardens. They were created in 1870s by Baron Ferdinand von Mueller in order to serve as a living exhibition of native flora and fauna. The place is perfect for a walk or picnic.

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