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Tasmania is an island in the southern side of Australia and boost of natural richness in wilderness and unique landscapes. Tasmania has something to offer to any type of visitors. The main interest in Tasmania vacationing are represented by its wilderness International World Heritage Parks, such as that from Port Arthur, impressive ancient buildings architecture offered by towns like Launceston, Hobart or Devonport. Unique sites have been transformed from originally a prisoner island like Port Arthur or an industrial mining town like Queenstown.


Queenstown is placed in the Center-West part of Tasmania and offers for its visitors picturesque sites of ancient industrial mining activities. Historic Queenstown is today, the largest settlement on Tasmania west coast area. This town is better known for its copper mines and smelters. There is a special flavor that ancient industrial towns expire for the new comers. The specific atmosphere of such mining profiled town has been transformed in the main attraction for the tourists. In the old days, in the town’s glory time, Queenstown was considered to be richest mining town in the world. Across the town there have been well preserved the trails of the history of mining since they are been maintained the original ways to carry the copper out from the mines. The original landscape of Queenstown is enhanced by the lunar look of the denuded hills. This town has become the intersection point of mining industry and art lovers. Movie and film makers chose often Queenstown as scenery for their art working. In a more practical manner, this town has been for some years now the target of well established entrepreneurs to develop their businesses here.

The mining history of this town goes over 100 years back and its profile was originally the gold mines. But when copper deposits where discovered, instantly the wealth of the city has enormously increased. The quite special nude hills that surround Queenstown are a result of the pollution from the smelters. Yet, now, slowly, the vegetation is recovering. The town is placed at the junction of roads from Burnie, that’s 2 hours of drive away and 4 hours apart from Hobart along the Lyell Highway. As most west coast towns, this one has a wet climate with strong winds.

Accommodation options in this town are provided by luxurious hotels, motels, B&Bs, lodging and hostels and holiday caravan parks. The top hotels in this town are Mt Lyell Anchorage Hotel, Chancellor Inn, Silver Mills Hotel, Copper Country Cabin, Westcoaster Motor Inn, Comfort Inn Gold Rush, Motor Lodge and others. The region’s natural beauty can be discovered through trips taken from West Coast Wilderness Railway to Strahan. Most tourist guides will offer the tourists a taste of adventure by taking a trip underground in the old mines. Close to the town, Montezuma Falls unveils to the tourists in order to offer a dramatic contrast between the scared hills surrounding the town and the dense, wildlife inhabited forests along the falls. More attractions are offered by the Gallery Museum and Paragon Theatre.

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