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The ultimate travel and vacation destination around the globe is Australia. This country just about has it all for all types of tourists, from safari to historical traveling to thrilling surfing in the waves of the ocean. Tasmania is the region of Australia that benefits of a propitious climate in order to be a great destination for all the holidays periods of the year. Separated from the mainland by the stretch Bass Strait, Tasmania is a land and a world apart. This wonderful region offers amazing landscape; friendly welcoming people communities and specific foods and wines in the pleasant relax tone of island lifestyle. Tasmania tour should start by visiting one of its biggest cities, Hobart.


In the Hobart region of Tasmania is placed Port Arthur. This city’s main attraction whether you choose accommodation in any of Tasmania’s cities is the International World Heritage Site of Port Arthur. The historical capital of this city justifies its popularity among tourists. Initially, Port Arthur was a prisoner settlement from the time of Governor George Arthur, which has been very well preserved as an historical site. Prisoners from Ireland and Britain were sent here due to its water surrounded location. The small land that separates this prison establishment to the mainland was very well guarded.  An extended and educational Australian History lesson can be learn visiting and staying in Port Arthur.

Port Arthur build as a prison separated from the mainland made it to be self sufficient since the inmates were taught to manufacture leather shoes and cloths and wooden tools. The violence that this city expired gained it a scary name, “the Hell on Earth”. But bye-gone those times and now Port Arthur is an oasis of comfortable and pleasant accommodation facilities. The surroundings of the city have a special and specific attraction. Tourism in this area goes as back as 1920. When the prison finally closed, the city’s name was changed in Carnavon so that it would be associated with the bloody past. Yet, this controversial past was the main attraction for tourists which made the authorities to switch back to the original name.

Accommodation possibilities in Port Arthur are offered in a large variety on the outskirts of the city. A good example would be Port Arthur Motor Inn on Remarkable Cave Road that will delight its guests with an overlook to the ruined church and a nice public bar-the only one nearby- and a good counter for meals. Across the road tourist can find accommodation at Roseview Youth Hostel on Champ Street. For a more spacious and comfortable place to stay in this city there is across the Remarkable Cave Road, the Port Arthur Villas, which are closer to the notion of a motel. Picturesque locations to eat and serve dinks and coffees in town there is the restored policemen’s headquarters, Frances Langford Tea Rooms and at the Museum Tea Rooms in the interpretative center.

To learn about the area, tour guides can show you the original prisons and The Island of The Dead, a prisoners’ graveyard. If you have a taste for ghost stories, then you should take a night tour around Port Arthur. 

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