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Launceston Tourist Information, Travel Guide & Tours

Tasmania is the richest region from Australia in terms of tourism capital. One of the oldest Australian cities is Launceston. Placed in northern region of Tasmania, Launceston has a lot to offer for those in quest of new adventures given by new tastes of food, wines and sightseeing. This city’s own particular architecture is amazingly preserved the typically 19th century legacy. So the first look when just walking around the city impresses all its visitors.


The accommodation possibilities featured in Launceston come in a wide variety from luxurious hotels to intimate, rather familiar cottages. The city is served by two options for airports, the Launceston Airport and Hobart Airport both with international flights facilities. From the airport to the hotel there are many cabs available to drive you to your accommodation destination. The people from Launceston are known to be very friendly and familiar, plus all the official accommodation locations have specialized and well trained guides to conduct the tourists in the most educational and surprisingly fun trips profiled on specific foods and wines. The most luxurious and expensive locations for tourists to stay are the Hotel Grand Chancellor and the Peppers Seaport Hotel. These locations offer all inclusive services at for the most pretentious visitors. Apart from these there regions across the city tourists can find comfortable and affordable accommodation possibilities such as, Young Town, North Riverside and Inveresk. All the hotels and other accommodation locations offers impeccable welcoming facilities, plus organized trips with guides and in-house restaurants with cuisine from all over the world to make the staying of its guests unforgettable.

Launceston offers a lot of surprises for shopping, dinning, winning and local sightseeing, the must have local tour is to take place in the Launceston Historical Walk and the tourists will discover the unique rich history and architecture of this city. Historical points of attraction in the city are known to be Royal Park the stretches along the riverbank and the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery for the art lovers. Very close to the city there are outdoor places to relax and picnic like Victorian Gardens and natural pool, kiosks and cliff faces. Such natural oases along the river Gorge are uncommon so close to the city. 

If you are in a mood for going outside the city, to visits the surroundings you must choose a guided wine trip to locations such as Lyliale area only 25 km from Launceston. Nearby there is also Lylidale Falls Reserve where you will find camping facilities if you wish to stay over the night and you can have nice picnics and short walks along the falls. Here you will be amazed by beautiful gardens, vegetable crops and vineyards. Other countryside picturesque regions can be visited by finding the accommodations close to Cataract Gorge and Edenholme Grange that offer authentic Victorian bed and breakfast facilities.  Half an hour drive in the northern side, the tourists can visit Beaconsfield, renowned for its gold mines historical museum Grubb Shaft.

In the old days Launceston was one of the biggest cities of Tasmania, but now is more like peaceful and close community place to visit.

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