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Hobart is the state capital of Australian islands, Tasmania. This city is among the most beautiful and largest cities of Tasmanian Australian islands. The city was founded as a punitive colony in 1803. This city is the largest city in the Australia after the city of Sydney.  The people of this city are called hobartian. The hobartians are aboriginal of this city but now most the population of Hobart is consist of mixture of people. Due to the economic and financial development, this city is named as the 6ths most sustainable city. This rank was given by the Australian conservation foundation in 2010.


On the eastern shores of the Risdon cove the first colony of the people were made in 1803. This city was developed along with the bank of Derwent River. The present site of this city was moved in 1804 from the Risdon cove. The city was known as hobarton. After some time the name of this city was changed into Hobart town which is now called as Hobart. The name of this city was assigned on the name of Lord Hobart.
This city is just 15 kilometers from the international airport so you can move in by using the services of airlines. The most amazing feature of this city is the travelling distance which is short from every corner. As the city is present in the islands so the travelling distances are not too much and you can enjoy cars and buses for moving. The city is surrounded by the seashores. There are different seashores on each side of this city. The sea shores on the entire sided make the city moist and cool. Sometimes the weather of this city becomes hot and humid because of the presence of seas around the city.
Rainfalls are not heavy because this city is already humid. Because of the high humidity level the climate remain constantly pleasant through the year. The special season of this city is spring when flowering starts on the tress which makes the city more beautiful and special for the people. The climate of the city is not harmful for the naives and visitors. In most of the cities the tourists feel difficulties such as skin allergies but in this city you will never feel this because the high humidity level protects your skin so you dint need creams and lotions to avoid dryness of skin.
The Hobart, Australian islands of Tasmania consist of many beautiful places. Most of the places are historical monuments. If you talk about the topography of this city then remember the city is wet and humid. It is present along with coastal areas and sea shores. The lands of this city are fertile up to some extent but plant culture is not well established because of high concentration of sodium in the soils of this city. The sodium accumulation is due to the presence of sea water which is dominant and covers the surroundings of this city thus little plant culture is possible.

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