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Parndana Tourist Information, Travel Guide & Tours

If you go to Australia, your visit will not be completed without visiting the Kangaroo Island in Parndana. Kangaroo island is among the three largest islands in Australia besides of Melville and Tasmania Islands. There are many activities that go on at that island such as surfing and swimming, visiting the shipwrecks or just walking on the beaches while watching wildlife which is in plenty at Kangaroo Island. On the islands there are many native animals such as rabbits, foxes, and dingoes. The island was named after Kangaroo discovery in 1802 by French Nicholas Baudin.


One of the most attractions known in Parndana is the Parndana soldiers settlement. This is  the settlement of the soldiers who were given the task of creating places for homes and farms out of a unattached scrub. The soldiers survived the hardship and they were able to open the farms for their families which revolutionized the social and economic of the Kangaroo Island. All the experience of the hardships those soldiers passed through are the reasons to open the Parndana soldier settlement Museum. Besides of the museum to be a tribute to those soldiers who risked their lives, it also gives the overview of the past of Australia.  
The nearby towns at Kangaroo island are American River, Penneshaw and Kingscote. The American River is between Kingscote and Penneshaw, you can visit Perican Lagoon where you can watch pelicans. There are many beaches along the island such as Snelling beach, Western River cove and Emu Bay. You can also not leave the Kangaroo island without visiting the south coast since it is totally different from the North coast. The south coast is rocky and there are many limestone caves that you can visit. The south coast also has many penguins that you can have a chance to see.
If you want you can get a help from various tours to take you to islands. You can choose among coach tours, 4WD tours, diving tours and coach tours according to your interests. If you want to move around the places, then you can take shuttles to take you where you want. If you want to explore more the island, then you can opt to use a bicycle for moving around. When you visit Parndana, you have also to visit Parndana Golf Course. The course is in a few minutes away from the centre of the town and you can reach there by just walking. The course has 18 holes, tree lined fairways with sand scrapes. The course has also different features such as small creeks and running water between the holes. Another attraction of Parndana is its park. In the park you can be able to view all the rare native wild animals especially kangaroo. You are allowed to be close to kangaroos and to let them eat out of your fingers. The park also has protected rare birds such as hawks, owls, cockatoos and kookaburras.
There are many options of accommodations that you can choose from when you visit Parndana in addition of good cafes and restaurants.

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