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Gold Coast Attractions

After you find Gold Coast hotels, do some research about what's around them. Attractions like the ones below are with in walking distance of some of hotels. Some Attractions parking fees can be high, and when traveling with a family that may need to take 2 cars, walking to the attractions may be a great money saver for you or your family. Check the hotels we offer at https://www.australia-trips.info/hotels.html

Sea World

gold coast sea world
Four polar bears are the star-attractions at this marine park, which is usually crowded with people who want see them frolic, dive, and fishing in a large pool. The cubs are usually out in the morning, and the bigger bears are on show in the noon, but one will very likely make a day here so will get to see them all. There is also behind-the-scenes tour of bears’ habitat available. Sea World may not be as composite as such parks in the USA, but it has its own charm, and great performances of dolphins and sea lions, ski shows, an aquarium, shark feeding, and various rides. One of the newest attractions is the Shark Bay, an exhibit where one can see some of the larger and more dangerous species, like the tiger sharks and also one can snorkel with the sharks here.
A monorail gets one around the whole park, which features and a free water-slide playground.

David Fleay Wildlife Park

David Fleay Wildlife Park David Fleay Wildlife Park Australia
Founded in ‘52 by the Australian naturalist David Fleay, this is one of Australia's major wildlife parks. Here one will see a platypus, salt-and-freshwater crocodiles, wallabies, kangaroos, glider possums, dingoes, wombats, Lumholtz's tree kangaroo, and a numerous kinds of Australian birds, such as emus, black swans, cassowaries, wedge-tailed eagles and lorikeets. One will enjoy a beautiful walk on series of raised boardwalks through fascinating mangrove, rainforest and eucalyptus habitats, where most of the animals are roaming free. Talks and feeding shows throughout the day include a reptile show and saltwater crocodiles feeding, but this is usually only from October to April, when the crocodiles are hungry. Aboriginal rangers will tell you about weaponry, bush medicine, and their links with the region. There are also free guided tours throughout the day. The park also has a cafe, gift shop, and picnic tables.


Dreamworld Gold Coast
Here adrenaline-addicted can enjoy the action rides, such as the aptly named Giant Drop, in which one free-falls some 39 stories in just 5 seconds, and the Tower of Terror that will propels one forward and upward at 4.5Gs before falling backward 38 stories in some 7 seconds! Also get a kick out of the hair-raising Cyclone roller coaster, with its 360-degree loop, and the Wipeout that spins, twists, and tumbles one upside down in a random sequence. Other activities include an IMAX theater, a native wildlife park where one can cuddle a koala and hand-feed kangaroos, also there are river cruises livened up by a bush ranger shoot-out, a carousel and numerous other rides for young kids. An impressive highlight is to watch trainers swimming, wrestling, and playing with Bengal tigers on the Tiger Island. The park is dotted with numerous souvenir stores, restaurants, cafes, ice-cream shops and there is also a water-slide park, so don’t forget your swimsuit.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
Currumbin was established as a bird sanctuary, and it is almost synonymous with the wild rainbow lorikeets that flock here by the hundreds twice a day for feeding. Photographers go crazy here, and tourists just love it as it is quite an experience. The beautiful birds have a vivid green back, blue head, and red-and-yellow chest and Lorikeet feeding starts at 8 am and 4 pm. If here one should not miss it!

Gold Coast Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
One can have a photo taken, while cuddling a koala, hand-feed kangaroos, take a free miniature steam-train ride through the park, and enjoy animal talks and feeding shows. An Aboriginal song-and-dance performance takes place here daily. The park is twenty-seven hectares (67 acres) and is home to 1400 native birds and animals. It takes several hours to see everything around. A great highlight is the free-flight birds’ show at 11 am and 2 pm.

Wet 'n' Wild Water World
Hurtling down a seven-story piece of fiberglass at seventy km/h (43 mph) is just one of many water-slide attractions at this aquatic fun park. The rides have some names like Double Screamer, Terror Canyon, Mammoth Falls, the Twister, and White Water Mountain, which just say it all. Sacredly-folks can stick to the four regular white-water flumes, float gently past palm-studded "isles" at Calypso Beach, swim in the Wave Pool or in the regular pool, or just soak and relax in a spa at Whirlpool Springs. The park features also a water playground for young kids. Every night in January and Saturday night September through April, a Dive-In Movie night show takes place here, during which film fans can recline on a rubber tube in the pool while watching the flick on a giant screen. The park is very popular and usually crowded so to get a tube or a seat one has to get there early.

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