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Maitland Tourist Information & Travel Guide

Australia has many famous cities. Which are well known because of so many reasons such as: few are famous because of beauty. Most of the Australian cities are famous due to the natural look. Maitland has great history in past. The Maitland is the city of the state of New South Wales. You can say Maitland is the valley of Australia. It is 166 kilometer away the Sydney from the north side and 35 kilometer away from the northwest. The city center of the Maitland is located near the hunter river. This river is protected from the potential flooding.


In the start the Maitland was consist of three main towns. The west of the Maithland is now just calls maithland. At the start time it was consist on the river. It was found in 1820. The rout of the river is linked between Morpeth and West Maitland. And that link is approximately 26 kilometer long. That river was use to move the things from one corner to the other corner.Then with the passage of time, the river has become commercial center of city. The east part of the Maithland was developed the maithland government. Each town has different functionalities.

From the Australian towns, the Maithland is the second one town among the famous towns. The first bridge which creates the link between the hunter river and the west Maithland was found in 1869. Now its name is suburb. This name is given to that bridge in the honor of the governor of New South Wales. This bridge played an important role for the development of the city. Then after the floods (which happened twice or thrice) there was the need of new bridge. Because after facing flooding that bridge was dangerous. The name of newly built bridge is Belmore Bridge. This bridge was made with that material which has least side effects of floods.

The maithland was created in the result of floods. More than 200 floods happened in the hunter river. And resultant maithland came into separate form. Then once again people liked it with the hunter river through bridge. Because the city was near to the hunter river. And fro creating new city at which is now maithland, people had to move so many things from the hunter river to maithland’s river. The struggle was done for development of the maithland.

The people of the maithland celebrate lots of festivals. And each festivals has unique name.  Hunter Valley Steamfest celebrates by the people as the festival of steam power. That’s why they gave that name steamfest. Bitter & Twisted Beer Festival is celebrated for boutiques. Morpeth Jazz Festival is the annual music festival. That is celebrated for the music master encouragement. Groovin' the Moo is other music festivals which arranges in the showground. The most famous festival which people celebrate passionately is maithland show which is cultural show. These kinds of lots of festivals are celebrates at different places. If you visit during that festival then you must attend.

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