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Albury Tourist Information & Travel Guide

Albury is a town city in the state of New South Wales in Australia. It is combined with another town to become a twin city which attracts many people especially Australians simply because of its unique attractions. It is situated around the bank of the river and is a gateway area that surrounds Breechworth. This city makes a good stopping point on the drive between Melbourne and Sydney. This is because the place is so beautiful that people have to stop and have some meals in classic restaurants found there before they proceed with their journey. Albury operates as a single community since the time they became to exist as a single city. Residents from both regions live together and share life together. The two cities are governed by the same municipal governments meaning that they are one and the same thing. The most recognised name of this place is Albury simply because the other is not widely known.


Travelling to Albury is actually very simple since well developed roads exist which connect places around this town. People can travel by train which is made simpler by many planes which operate around this place. All the planes converge at Albury Airport (ABX). It is serviced by the Regional Express which does fly from Sydney and Melbourne. Many visitors prefer these Express planes simply because they move very first and thus they do not delay at the airport for long. We have also Brindabella Airlines which fly from Canberra Qantas from Sydney. They are also reliable and many tourists use them who plan to visit this town. Virgin Blue is also another type of plane that flies from Sydney to Albury. People also travel by car. It should be noted that this town is located on the Hume Highway which is the most direct main road between Sydney and Melbourne. This ensures that cars can actually take little time to reach this town simply because the road is direct and there are no much stoppages on the way. People also use train which actually runs several services per day from the Southern Station in Melbourne. It is also convenient to use the country link train which runs two services per day only stopping at Albury station. This train is said to run between Melbourne and Sydney.
There are many attractions in Albury which attract visitors to this place. We have the Albury Library Museum. This is a building which has library, museum and a gallery under one roof. It is beneficial to the locals who are able to have access to the fossils and many other archaeological materials in the museum. Scholars can be able to access reading materials in the library. We also have Botanic gardens in Albury. They are found around the corner of Dean St and Wodonga place. Rutherglen Victoria which is 27km down the Murray Valley Highway is also found. Its work is actually to produce big red wines. It is a great place to visit and learn more about wineries and see vineyards.

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