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Australia Hotels

Australia is a country well known for its hospitality. In Australia, one will find a wide variety of accommodations including hotels, inns, boutique hotels, resorts, and serviced apartment. There are thousands of apartment hotels located across different states in Australia. It is cost effective for small group travelers that want to stay for a few days in a place. The apartment hotels contain multiple rooms, just like the residential apartments. It has a furnished kitchenette, dining room and living room. The apartment hotels can be serviced or non serviced. Non serviced apartment hotels are cheaper.  Most of the hotels are equipped with swimming pools and gyms. Larger hotels usually have larger gyms that are equipped with all kinds of expensive exercise machines.
The motels are smaller hotel that are used to accommodate travellers that have lower budget. The room of the motels is equipped with private showers, television and fridge. Most of the motels offer in room breakfast menus. Larger motels include an onsite restaurant where customers can dine at.
Many tourists come to Australia to get sunburn at the beach. If you want to bask under the sun, you can stay at the hotel that is located near the beach. Bondi is the most popular beach in Sydney, Australia. Coogee beach in Sydney offers a much better value. Hotels that are situated near the Coogee beach is cheaper because it is further away from the coast.
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National Multicultural Festival 2016 - Canberra

(12 - 14 February 2016, Canberra, Australia)

The National Multicultural Festival event is held annually in Canberra, featuring a couple of weeks of various performances and exhibitions, food markets and street entertainment.
As always the 2016 festival includes great diversity of events, dance performances, many music concerts, film screenings and some nice food from different cultures. Check out our hotels in Canberra for excellent accommodation during the fest. Visit
More info about the event can be obtained from the official site at

Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix 2016

(17 - 20 March 2016, F1 Melbourne Circuit)

The very first race of the new 2016 Formula 1 season continues with the Australian Grand Prix, held in Melbourne. The popular circuit goes around a lake, encircling the Albert Park golf course as well as several complexes. Compared to other tracks included in the season, it is relatively slow with just a few places where pilots are able to overtake, the best one being at the end of the pit straight.
There are a total of twenty races in the F1 2016 season, allocated across 4 continents. Some of the highlight races also include the Monaco Grand Prix, carried out on the roads of Monte Carlo, Grand Prix of Europe, which will be held in Valencia for second time, the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, where one can expect passionate support from Ferrari’s Tifozi, as well as the always interesting Grand Prix of Belgium on the historical Spa circuit. For Australians the Formula 1 Grand Prix race carried out on Melbourne’s circuit is of particular interest of course due to its relative distance proximity - at least held on same continent. However, Grand Prix of Australia will doubtlessly attract Formula One fans from around the globe.

Gladstone Harbour Festival 2016

(23 - 27 March 2016, Gladstone, Australia)

Initially carried out in 1963, the Gladstone Harbour Festival is now much bigger and growing and more interesting every year. The coastal town citizens and visitors have to choose from a great variety of events, including many carnivals, yacht races, kids’ shows, an annual festival of pots and many others. The Gladstone Harbour Festival is now one of the biggest community festivals in the state of Queensland, attracting some seventy thousand visitors each year. This year is the 54th fest.
Browse our hotels and attractions in Gladstone at

Thredbo Jazz Festival 2016

(29 April - 1 May 2016, Thredbo, New South Wales, Australia)

The Australian winter resort of Thredbo in the majestic mountains of NSW is the host of the yearly Thredbo Jazz Festival. The Fest attracts some of the best jazz artists who play in various nightclubs, bars, restaurants and also outdoor venues of the popular ski resort.
Due to the resort’s size, all venues are within walking distance of each other, so visitors will not have any difficulties to reach multiple performances. The festival weekend pass also feature Kosciuszko Express Chairlift rides without any limitation for those travellers who would like to enjoy some impressive views.
The full programme of the Thredbo Jazz Festival 2016 as well as further information about the event can be found at the official site of the fest.
Find more information and hotel accommodation in Threbdo at

Reef and Rainforest Carnivale 2016

(May 2016, Mossman, Port Douglas, Australia)

The start of the tourist season in Port Douglas this year is celebrated with the Reef and Rainforest Carnival. This event was first established in 1993 and from only a number of stalls it has turned into a huge variety of available activities. You can participate in different sports, parades and many more along with 50 000 more people.
The carnival will be in Port Douglas for 10 days with competitions in various games, fishing, fashion shows, lots of food and interesting cabaret nights.
Most of the events during the carnival take place in Port Douglas, but the Mossman Rodeo and Bowls Carnival are held in the nearby town of Mossman.

St Kilda Film Festival 2016

(21 - 30 May 2016, Saint Kilda Port Phillip Bay, Australia)

This popular event, carried out on Port Phillip Bay, south of Melbourne is the longest running festival of short films in Australia. In 2016, St Kilda celebrates its twenty-sixth birthday.
The event features a number of filmmaking presentations and forums for the industry professionals. An emphasis is put on the live performances, as well as on the newest technology fusions.
With prize of A $40000 across all categories, the competitors at St Kilda are well encouraged. The annual entries are several hundred, from which around 100 are shown in contest. Since ‘02 there is also an emphasis on the music video - “sound-KILDA”, which has now become usual part of the festival.
The opening gala night is carried out at the impressive Palais Theater and also includes The Astor Theatre, The Forum Hall, and St, Kilda Town Hall. More detailed information and programme for this year is available on the official St Kilda Film Festival website.


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Concerts in the Caves

(Jenolan Caves /various dates/, New South Wales, Australia)

Every year you have a great chance to visit an amazing classical music concert in New South Wales. It is held in the Cathedral Chamber of the magnificent Jenolan Caves. Such a concert can be visited every third and last Saturday of each month.
The third Saturday is reserved for George Mertens who plays the cello. He is giving these concerts for ten years and has learned to play the most suitable things for the acoustics of the chamber.
The final Saturdays are again for Mertens, but this time he plays the guitar and his partner is Gustaw Szelski who plays the violin. Together they form the great Paganini Duo and they play different lively tunes from Hungary, Romania, Russia and Spain.
As you might guess the Cathedral Chamber is an ideal place for concerts - it has pure acoustics advanced by the limestone formations. The concert and the tour of the Lucas Caves last about two hours and you should not forget bringing warm clothes.

Karnak Playhouse

(May - December (annual), Karnak Playhouse, Mossman, Australia)

The Karnak Playhouse is an amazing open-air amphitheater, next to the magnificent Daintree National Park. The park is actually an ancient rainforest, which is a great setting for various theatrical productions. Located amongst the rainforest, the incredible sounds of the jungle at night make a unique theatre atmosphere.
Maybe the most popular show is “Lasers in the Jungle”, where laser images, mixed with live performances, create an incredible visual spectacle. Visitors are taken on an impressive journey to the beginning of time, where ancient fauna and flora loom out, along with shapes and faces. The spectacle is modified and refined every year, so it includes various aspects of this area’s history.

Australian Ski Resorts Snow Levels Reports and Skiing Conditions. Australia Ski Holidays and Trips.

We will continue our regular reports with the Australian winter season 2016...

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